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匹兹堡所获“殊荣”何其多(图文+中英对照)(http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_72fe25970100y9mq.html ) 话说本周二(25日)匹城主流媒体报道,匹兹堡被美国《国家地理》杂志评选为“2012年全球最该去的20处旅游点”之一,这下好了,许多人难掩兴奋之情,争相转贴链接Best Trips 2012;而评论匹城的部分不长,原文如下,并附本人翻译:   Extreme Metropolitan Makeover    Three rivers. One reinvented city. On all counts, the Steel City’s transformation over the past quarter century qualifies as revolutionary. Its mourning for its industrial past long concluded, this western Pennsylvania … Continue reading

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