Robinson has caught flak for Facebook posts in which he claimed that systemic racism doesn’t exist, climate change isn’t real, and former President Barack Obama is a “worthless, anti-American atheist,” but the sentiment seems right on par with talking points from his running mate Dan Forest. Republican Senator Thom Tillis and Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham sparred over the pandemic, systemic racism and each other’s records Monday night during a socially distanced debate. The two disagree about a range of policy issues. She supports the legalization of cannabis, calling it “a viable pathway forward for our farmers.” During a virtual candidate forum on Sept. 9, Wadsworth said she wants a garden on the grounds of every school in the state and called the state’s child hunger rate “criminal.” Both Troxler and Wadsworth are famers and graduates of N.C. State University. Tillis serves on four committees in the Senate – for Armed Services, Veterans’ Affairs, Judiciary, and Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs. She was previously a private practice attorney. Who would you trust with holding $100 billion of your money for safekeeping? He became a District Court Judge in 2015. RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Democrat Beth Wood has been reelected North Carolina state auditor and outgoing Republican state Rep. Josh Dobson will be … Tillis and Cunningham have debated once and have two others set for Sept. 22 and Oct. 1. Paul Newby, 65, has been an Associate Justice on the North Carolina Supreme Court since 2004. Inman has more than 30 years of experience in law. Now attorney Joel Levy is running on an anti-crime and homelessness platform to try to get the seat back to the Republicans. Jessica Holmes has shown herself to be a driven achiever. Forest later dropped the lawsuit. We’ve got a lot to cover here, so let’s get into it. RALEIGH – At a time when a growing number of older adults are remaining in the workplace longer or going back to work to meet financial needs in their retirements, candidates for NC Labor Commissioner Rep. Josh Dobson (R) and Jessica Holmes (D) … Republican Josh Dobson, a state legislator, defeated Chuck Stanley and Pearl Burris Floyd for the nomination for labor commissioner. Powell beat out Puckett in 2018, and though the former commissioner had been exploring a run at Lieutenant Governor or Commissioner of Labor, he cited the “recent irrational and indefensible actions of the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners” as reason to run for his old seat, showing the controversial Puckett still has a knack for hyperbole. ), Mohammed continues to fight for youth in the justice system, while his challenger has been mostly missing from the race. Styers has worked as an attorney, judicial clerk and law professor. He was a chair of the Health Committee and the Appropriations Committee in the most recent legislative session. Beasley was at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 this year, putting a halt to evictions and making other proactive decisions in a rapidly evolving situation. Sen. Thom Tillis has held this seat since 2014, when he defeated Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan. R-Republican, D-Democrat, L-Libertarian, C-Constitutional. His opponent is Ronnie Chatterji, a 41-year-old Duke professor. Josh Dobson, R Jessica Holmes, D Commissioner of Insurance Mike Causey, R Wayne Goodwin, D North Carolina Supreme Court Candidate Interviews NC Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Beasley vs. Paul Newby NC Supreme Court Chief Justice Associate Justices Seat 2 Phil Berger, Jr. vs. Lucy Inman Criticizing him nearly every step of the way has been Lt. Gov. Everyone knew Cherie Berry, who served as the labor commissioner since 2000 and put her name and picture in every elevator. Josh Dobson (Republican Party) is a member of the North Carolina House of Representatives, representing District 85. He is also a former President of the Wake County Bar Association. The two candidates — Republican state Rep. Josh Dobson, R-McDowell, and Democratic county commissioner Jessica Holmes — would take drastically different approaches to that, and labor issues generally. Dobson, a Republican, served in the N.C. House representing District 85 since 2013. She was previously a District Court Judge and an assistant DA for Guilford County. Bynum has similar aspirations, with a more conservative plan to do so. (Berry) has failed to be that advocate and that voice.”, Elaine Marshall, 74, has been North Carolina’s Secretary of State since 1997 and is seeking a seventh term in office. He also once worked for Goldman Sachs as a financial analyst and is a member of Governor Cooper’s Entrepreneurial Council. In May 2019, Dobson decided to run for North Carolina Commissioner of Labor. She succeeded Mark Martin, who retired. Munden is mostly missing in action, making Brown the likely replacement for Chaz Beasley in District 92. Jessica Holmes for Commissioner of Labor. Both candidates already serve in elected office: Republican Josh Dobson in the state House, and Jessica Holmes on the Wake County Commissioners. Cooper – a 63-year-old Democrat who is a native of North Carolina – is seeking reelection in a year where he has been tasked with guiding the state through hurdles presented by the coronavirus pandemic. And be sure to check out our Races To Watch stories for everything you need to know about candidates in statewide and legislative elections. Jenna Wadsworth, 31, is currently serving as the Wake County Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor. Cunningham is a North Carolina native, a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate and a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve. Steven Troxler, 68, has held this post since 2004 and is seeking his fifth term. Challenger Wallace led Democratic efforts throughout McCready’s double campaign, so she’s no stranger to this fight. Also a former city council guy, Autry is up against Thompson, an anti-abortion conservative who wants to increase funding for law enforcement. She is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, has been an attorney and is a lecturer at N.C. State. Cheri Beasley, 54, was appointed to Chief Justice in 2019 by Gov. Mangrum ran unsuccessfully for state Senate in 2018. In addition to putting Joe Biden in the White House, taking back control of the U.S. Senate is a priority for Democrats this year, and Cal Cunningham winning this seat would go a long way in helping them accomplish that goal. This year, North Carolina voters will make crucial decisions at the polls that could impact state politics and laws for at least the next decade. Appointed by Gov. As the only PhD economist in the NCGA, Harris wants to focus on helping stimulate the economy again after COVID-19. He defeated Democrat Jessica Holmes in the November 2020 general election. Succeeding her will be someone under the age of 40. It will be interesting to see how her replacement does. Robinson won out over eight other candidates in a crowded GOP primary, including state Sen. Andy Wells. You may have heard that there’s a big election coming up, but there’s actually a ton of big elections coming up in 2020! Gray Styers, 57, has degrees from Wake Forest and UNC-Chapel Hill. Following the death of longtime Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Tillis said he would support President Donald Trump's nominee. According to the Commonwealth Club, Panyanouvong-Rubeck would be the first Laotian-American judge in U.S. history if she were to win. He assumed office on January 29, 2013. Jessica Holmes has spent her career as an advocate for workers as a labor and employment attorney. Stein’s opponent, Jim O’Neill, is the District Attorney for Forsyth County. Berger, 48, was previously the District Attorney in Rockingham County and unsuccessfully ran for U.S. Congress in 2014. When Cooper appointed Cheri Beasley to Chief Justice, he appointed Mark Davis to replace her. His challenger Dan Forest has gone full science-denier in not only pushing to fully reopen the state but refusing to wear a mask and encouraging his followers to do the same. There are also three contested races taking place as Republicans try to break back into a 9-0 Democrat majority. Carpenter was once a North Carolina State Trooper and was also a trial attorney for 13 years. Whoever wins this race, the office will be familiar to them. Lora Cubbage has been a Superior Court Judge since 2016 and is currently serving a term in Judicial District 18 that ends in 2026. N.C. Commissioner of Labor: Jessica Holmes (D) vs. Josh Dobson (R) Everyone knew Cherie Berry, who served as the labor commissioner since 2000 and put her name and picture in every elevator. The former cop (Logan) and former paramedic (Mauney) face off in northwest Charlotte. Current Commissioner Cherie Berry … Josh Dobson is the right person for the job and would be a phenomenal choice for Labor commissioner. Brook was previously the Legal Director for the ACLU of North Carolina. Beasley is the first Black woman ever to serve as Chief Justice of the state’s Supreme Court. There will technically be no losers here, and the top vote-getter is no longer guaranteed the chair position, but who doesn’t love a good popularity contest? This is his first time running for elected office. Brawley is back after the back-alley brawl that was 2018, in which Hunt unseated him in a narrow win. By winning in 2016, Roy Cooper made former Republican Governor Pat McCrory the first sitting North Carolina governor to lose a re-election bid. Judging from their recent debate, Josh Dobson and Jessica Holmes have chosen to elevate their discussion above the usual muck to focus on … O’Neill is a three-term AG out in Forsyth County, looking to move up in the world as he challenges Stein, who was sworn in alongside Gov. A complaint filed on Oct. 5 claims Dobson received more than $90,000 in government payments for housing, meals, and travel since 2017 for expenses he never incurred because he used campaign funds to pay for them. Niday lists abortion as his main concern in a post about his platform from August 2019, while Salvador founded local energy efficiency and sustainability org RETI. Gov. Dobson defeated Democrat Jessica Holmes, a … On one side is state Rep. Josh Dobson, 39, who has been the 85th District’s NC House Representative since 2013. One-termer Lofton says he want to focus a second term on per-pupil spending, expanding healthcare, and supporting infrastructure improvements, while Pomeroy would prioritize expanding transportation and public safety infrastructure and investing in education, specifically community colleges. Gore is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, the Appalachian School of Law and is a military veteran, having served in Iraq and Kuwait. More than a tenth of registered voters in North Carolina have requested absentee ballots this year — significantly higher than in previous elections. Name recognition aside, she was pretty awful on workers’ rights. Sykes has been endorsed by the Susan B. Anthony List, an anti-abortion non-profit. Josh Dobson (R) Chuck Stanley (R) ... Jessica N. Holmes (D) 1. It’s Jackson’s first race in a newly drawn district, but his popularity is only growing and there shouldn’t be much of a challenge, especially with two challengers. Republican Josh Dobson, a state representative from McDowell County, leads the Labor Commissioner race over Democrat Jessica Holmes, a worker’s rights advocate. Jeff Carpenter, 48, has been a Superior Court Judge since 2016, when he won an election for Judicial District 20B. Cole has made the move from Libertarian to the similar but more traditionalist Constitution Party, while Marcus pushes health care and education. Along with Powell winning north Mecklenburg towns like Cornelius, Huntersville and Davidson, Rodriguez-McDowell’s win in south Mecklenburg towns like Matthews, Pineville and Mint Hill was a big upset for incumbent Bill James. Seeking to replace him are two women who both have experience in teaching. Dan Forest, who defeated state Rep. Holly Grange in the primary for the GOP’s bid to the governorship. Sept. 18 projections from FiveThirtyEight shows Cunningham having an advantage in the race, the margin ranging from four to 11 points, depending on the poll. He assumed office on January 29, 2013. Postal Service over policy changes that they argue have undermined mail-in voting. Best has sat on the Mecklenburg County District Court bench for 12 years. (Listen to Best’s appearance on our Nooze Hounds podcast.). Housing Bond: Funding from this $50-million bond would go to affordable housing projects such as the Tall Oaks redevelopment; renovation and expansion at the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte; and finally opening the $17-million, 112-unit affordable housing Centra Square development in the Belmont neighborhood. His current term ends on December 31, 2020. In 2016, Troxler won more than 68 percent of the vote. Dobson, from McDowell County, will succeed retiring Commissioner Cherie Berry after beating Democratic nominee Jessica Holmes, a Wake County commissioner. Cooper’s school reopening plan, while Truitt wanted more freedom of choice for individual districts. Dobson supports North Carolina’s right-to-work laws, deregulation, and economic reopening. Expect another close one. A Carolina Covenant scholarship allowed her to rise from "difficult circumstances" as a high school student in the tiny town of Maple Hill in eastern North Carolina to finish, first, an undergraduate degree in political science at Chapel Hill and then a law degree at the same university. Dobson supports North Carolina’s right-to-work laws, deregulation, and economic reopening. Republican Senator Thom Tillis met Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham for a socially distanced debate on Monday. Roy Cooper after serving as an Associate Justice since 2012. Judging by names alone, this is the best race on the ballot. A graduate of Howard University and the NC Central University School of Law, Reuben Young, 63, was appointed to the Court of Appeals in 2019 by Cooper. Tiffany Tertipes / Creative Commons/ Unsplash, Inclusion Diversity Equity Accountability, NC Voter Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Early Voting, Mail-In Ballots, Takeaways: Tillis, Cunningham Trade Accusations On COVID, Vaccine, With More First-Time Absentee Voters, Some NC Ballots Returned With Flaws, 120 Friday Center Dr | Chapel Hill, NC 27517, 91.5 Chapel Hill | 88.9 Manteo | 90.9 Rocky Mount | 91.1 Welcome | 91.9 Fayetteville | 90.5 Buxton. (Listen to Jackson’s appearance on our Nooze Hounds podcast. Roy Cooper has found himself in as tough a spot as a politician can find themselves during the pandemic, with people either pissed that he isn’t fully reopening the state or claiming that he’s reopening the state too quickly. Republican U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis failed to avoid primary challengers, but not the challengers have that have been the subject of much discussion in the past few months. Marshall has held the seat now for 24 years and shows no signs of giving it up now to newcomer Sykes, who’s running on a shrink-the-government platform. Mangrum has said that “equality in education” is her top priority, while Truitt said hers is to “ensure all NC students have the opportunity to receive a high quality education.”, Dale Folwell, 61, is a former member of the North Carolina General Assembly and is seeking his second term as state treasurer. WUNC has all the coverage you need this election season. Beyond the presidential race (you’ve heard enough about that by now), there are 40 contested races on the ballot in Mecklenburg County for the 2020 elections., though how many you have on your own ballot will depend on where you live. Wood earned a fourth four-year term by defeating Republican challenger Tony Street. She has served under five different governors and has twice ran unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate. A Sept. 18 projection from FiveThirtyEight showed Cooper having as much as a 19-point advantage in the race. On Sept. 26, a New York Times headline read, “The White House, Senate and Supreme Court Could All Hinge On North Carolina,” and the article went into why the close race between incumbent Thom Tillis and challenger Cal Cunningham is critical to Democrats who hope to win back the Senate and may use Tillis’ deciding Supreme Court vote to rouse the support to do so. Prior to that appointment, Davis had served on the Court of Appeals since 2013, worked in private practice and was also general counsel for former Gov. On Sept. 8, O’Neill spoke at a rally for President Donald Trump in Winston-Salem. Her opponent is E.C. Cubbage has degrees from N.C. A&T and UNC-Chapel Hill. He was previously an assistant district attorney in the county. Challenger Panyanouvong-Rubeck is a refugee who began her legal career as an intern with the Mecklenburg County Public Defender’s Office in 2009. Regardless of who wins, the outcome of this race will be a historic moment as it will mark the first time in the state’s history that a Black person has been elected as Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina. As of Wednesday, Wood led Street by 93,450 votes, while Dobson had a margin of nearly 89,000 votes over Holmes. Dobson’s opponent is Democrat Jessica Holmes, a member and former chair of the Wake County Board of Commissioners.The two disagree about a … Young has also been a Special Superior Court Judge, Secretary for the Department of Public Safety, and legal counsel to the Governor’s Office. Inman, 59, is a former newspaper reporter, law clerk and civil litigator, who was elected to the Court of Appeals in 2014. Let’s just hope it only takes one round of voting this time. One area where Stein has a big advantage over O’Neill is in Twitter followers; Stein had more than 28,800 while O’Neill had fewer than 600 as of Sept. 21. Now she’s retiring, and another Republican state representative, Josh Dobson of McDowell County, is running to replace her. Inman’s grandfather, Jonathan Daniels, was the editor of the Raleigh News & Observer, a White House press secretary under President Franklin Roosevelt, and an adviser to President Harry Truman. Senator Thom Tillis (right). New candidate Laura Meier is co-founder of the Charlotte Women’s March and prioritizes “excellent, safe schools, first-class mental health services, green spaces, and affordable housing for all, including our teachers, firefighters, and other public servants.”. Cooper, she’s running her first campaign now against a challenger who’s no newbie; he’s served on the N.C. Supreme Court for 16 years. Sharon Hudson, who lists herself as Board Secretary of a group opposed to tolls on Interstate 77 (Widen I-77), has filed as a primary challenger. The difference here is that he is not challenging the person who took his seat two years ago; Democrat Susan Harden is not running for reelection. Name recognition aside, she was pretty awful on workers’ rights. Judging from their recent debate, Josh Dobson and Jessica Holmes have chosen to elevate their discussion above the usual muck to focus on … Mike Causey, 70, has held this job since 2017 after defeating Wayne Goodwin, 53, in the 2016 election. Cunningham unsuccessfully ran for U.S. Senate in 2010, but this time around has broken a state record for U.S. Senate fundraising by passing the $7.4 million mark in July. After losing by less than 500 votes last time around (2018), the former District 98 rep is still fighting for his seat back. She currently serves as a member of the Wake County Board of Commissioners and at age 36 is the youngest Wake County Commissioner in the history of the capital county. Catherine Truitt, 49, has degrees from the University of Maryland and the University of Washington and has worked in schools since 1997. Dobson supports North Carolina’s right-to-work laws, deregulation, and economic reopening. Beverly Perdue. She has a track record of supporting job creation as a county commissioner and attracting businesses with a diverse pool of talent. Transportation Bond: This bond is worth $102.7 million and would go toward improving walkability and pedestrian safety, street and intersection projects, improved Americans with Disabilities Act infrastructure, and repairs and construction of bridges, sidewalks and bike paths. Fred Gore began his legal career working in the Durham County District Attorney’s Office as an assistant DA. Tamara Barringer is a former member of the North Carolina state Senate, where she represented District 17 from 2013 through 2019. A JAG Officer and Captain in the North Carolina National Guard, Jefferson Griffin, 40, has served as a District Court Judge in Wake County since 2015. He is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and also teaches classes there and at Campbell University. Goodwin told the News & Observer that he will “fight employers who illegally cancel health insurance” while Causey said he will “continue to crack down on fraud and corruption.”, Current state labor commissioner Cherie Berry – you may recognize her name and face from any elevator you’ve stepped into in North Carolina – announced in April 2019 that she would not seek re-election. An economist with degrees from UC Berkeley and Cornell, Chatterji once served on President Barack Obama's Council of Economic Advisers. Holmes told Indy Week in 2019, “I believe that workers deserve a better advocate. This is dispatch, where should we direct your call? Her next term will be her fourth, if she is re-elected. Despite being put on probation after being charged with stalking in 2018 – among other criminal charges dating back to 2012 – Street won the Republican nomination for state auditor with 56% of the vote, defeating Tim Hoegemeyer. On one side is state Rep. Josh Dobson, 39, who has been the 85th District’s NC House Representative since 2013. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a5ff72779dfb53ac5aa4fe3dffb62b09" );document.getElementById("c341e57828").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Voter Guide: What You Need to Know for the 2020 Elections, Habekah Cannon Launches Abolitionist Law Firm After Being Fired, Legal Aid of NC Files Suit as Evictions Continue Despite Moratorium, CMS Teachers Face Decisions as Students Return to In-Person Learning, Migrant Meatpacking Workers Prepare Turkeys Amid COVID Clusters, District Attorney Announces Reshuffling to Handle Homicide Backlog, The Best in Charlotte – Best in the Nest 2020, The Best in Charlotte – Best in the Nest 2019, here for a full list of early voting locations, The White House, Senate and Supreme Court Could All Hinge On North Carolina, so you’ll have to look up your address to see where you fall, On Call with Hannah Hasan: Episode 2 featuring Antriece Mitchell, 5 Things To Know: Mecklenburg Sees Record Highs for COVID-19, New Podcast: Introducing ‘On Call with Hannah Hasan’, Passing the Crown: Five Community Heroes of the Pandemic. Representative Josh Dobson has served in the North Carolina House of Representatives for four terms, representing the people of Avery, McDowell and Mitchell counties. In responding to a questionnaire from the News & Observer, both candidates somewhat agreed that the state’s courts aren’t accessible enough for average North Carolinians, with Brook responding "no" and Griffin saying "we can always improve access to justice.". Two other candidates, Larry Holmquist and Paul Wright have also filed. Now she’s retiring, and another Republican state representative, Josh Dobson of McDowell County, is running to replace her. Hunt has been busy sponsoring bills since, while Brawley is itching to get back to his key focal points: human trafficking, education and state road improvements. Cooper in 2017. Her opponent is a political newcomer in Mark Robinson, a 52-year-old from Greensboro who served in the Army Reserves as a medical specialist. Democrat Roy Cooper (left), the incumbent, faces Republican Lt. Gov Dan Forest in the 2020 race for Governor. Those are as follows. Dobson will succeed retiring Commissioner Cherie Berry after beating Democratic nominee Jessica Holmes. Sykes was previously the CEO of a manufacturing company and also served as Director of Faith and Religious Liberty for U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz’s 2016 presidential campaign. RALEIGH — State Rep. Josh Dobson won the race to become N.C.’s next Labor Commissioner, succeeding the retiring Cherie Berry. Earlier this year, Forest sued Cooper over some of the coronavirus-related executive orders, arguing that Cooper shouldn’t be able to issue the orders on his own. Previously, he was the Interim Chief Deputy Secretary of Adult Corrections and Juvenile Justice. Former Mecklenburg County commish Carney has been holding her seat in Raleigh for damn near two decades now, and this year faces a Republican with a surprisingly progressive platform. See election results, a county-by-county map and more for the North Carolina: Labor Commissioner election on Nov. 3, 2020. And this year, more voters than ever before are expected to cast their ballots by-mail. Griffin is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and NC Central School of Law. In 2017, O’Neill talked to WUNC about when and how his office pursues the death penalty. Appointed by Gov. She lost her bid for reelection to Sam Searcy. Both Phil Berger, Jr. and Lucy Inman are currently Judges in the North Carolina Court of Appeals. With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about North Carolina’s statewide races in 2020. It will be interesting to see how her replacement does. Thanks to a challenge in the courts about the courts, folks will vote for all 12 districts in this year’s district court races, but only two are contested. She was elected to the office in 2010 and is the vice chair of the board. Viser ruled in August to keep RNC contracts under wraps until after the convention. Your email address will not be published. Mark Robinson (left) faces Yvonne Lewis Holley (right) in the race for Lt. Gov of North Carolina. A rematch of the 2014 race that placed Brooks on the district court bench. In addition to casting their ballot in the race for the White House, North Carolinians will also vote in statewide races for governor, lieutenant governor, U.S. Senate, the state attorney general, the state supreme court, and U.S. House races. Okure is a Nigerian immigrant who is big on Christianity and says he’s running on “governmental responsibility and accountability, family values, human dignity, protection of the unborn children, and the celebrated uniqueness and distinctions between man and woman.” Oh boy. He has a master’s degree in public administration from Appalachian State University. Subscribe to WUNC's Politics Podcast, and follow reporters Rusty Jacobs and Jeff Tiberii on Twitter. He grabbed headlines recently when he joined a group of Democratic state AG’s suing the U.S. Beasley and Newby participated in an interview with UNC-TV on Aug. 31 and a forum with The Federalist Society on Sept. 10. The Chief Justice is also the top administrator for the state court system. Garland Tucker had been widely cited as a s… Jeff Tiberii reports for WUNC. I plan to enhance training programs for employers and employees to reduce workplace accidents, ensure an adequate number of inspectors to ensure safety in elevators and workplaces, and enforce regulations. This includes a collection of projects on the northeast corridor, on Bryant Farms Road in south Charlotte and Idlewild and Monroe roads in southeast Charlotte. Four-term incumbent Wood faces a challenger with a troubled past who describes himself as a fiscal, moral and social conservative. A former member of the North Carolina Senate, state attorney general John Stein was elected to this post in 2016. The NC Department of Labor is charged by statute with promoting the 'health, safety and general well-being' of the state's more than three million working people. Beth Wood, the 17th Auditor of North Carolina, has been in office since 2009 and is the first woman to hold the position. Check out our 2020 Voter Guide for information on absentee ballots and more. A former representative in the North Carolina State House, Goodwin was elected Commissioner of Insurance in 2008 and won his bid for re-election – over Causey – in 2012. Jen Mangrum, 56, holds degrees from UNC-Wilmington, ECU and UNC-Greensboro, and has been a teacher or professor in the state since 1987. Dillon has also worked in private practice, banking and real estate. I am pleased to give him my full, unqualified endorsement.” “It would be an honor to serve as commissioner of Labor and I look forward to earning the support of the people of North Carolina,” said Dobson in his prepared statement. The young TikTok-adept Wadsworth has brought fresh blood into a race that’s not been much of a race at all in recent years, as Troxler has held the seat for 15 years and enjoys the support of some of the state’s more powerful farming lobbies. Like Puckett, Ridenhour is back to fight for the seat he lost in 2018. After running unsuccessfully in 2010, Chris Dillon, 55, was elected to the Court of Appeals in 2012 and is now seeking a second term. Former Charlotte City Council rep and current state Senate incumbent Majeed is the sure bet here, as Rowe hasn’t been campaigning.

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